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Me and You Forever? chpt. 6
Me and You...Forever?
Chapter 6
     "Are we almost there yet? I wanna talk to Sango.", Kagome complained. Inuyasha sighed heavily in response and kept going. About five minutes later, Inuyasha arrived at the Bone eaters well and saw all of his close friends around the well. They were all happy to see each other and decided to go back to Kaede's village. On the way back, the women chattered, and the men horsed around, but little did they know, they were being watched.
     High up in the trees of Inuyasha Forest, sat Naraku. He waited for the right moment to attack, hoping to keep his scent hidden from Inuyasha.
     Despite Naraku's hopes of hiding his scent, Inuyasha knew he was there.
     "What is it, Inuyasha?", Sango asked curiously. "That bastard Naraku's somewhere in the trees. He's watching us.", Inuyasha growled. "What’s
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Me and You...Forever? chpt. 5
Me and You...Forever?
chapter 5
     The two walked back to the village but Inuyasha noticed a vacancy in Kaede's hut. "Where is everyone?", he asked. "Where could they have gone. Can't you sniff them out?", Kagome asked him. "I would if I could, but there's no scent trail."
     Inuyasha ran inside the hut, sniffing madly, and dropped the dead bore on the floor. He smelled the scent of his friends very stongly inside the hut, but smelled no sign of them outside.
     "Kagome! Come in here.", Inuyasha yelled loud enough so that she could hear him outside the hut. "What is it Inuyasha? Did you find something?", she asked as she ran into the hut. "No. I want you to go look around the hut and the rest of the village. I'll be out in a minute.", he said firmly, but softly. "Okay.", she said, kissing him on the lips. She ran out of the hut and he stared after her. 'No! I've got to stay focused!', he
:icondaddyslilgirl01:Daddyslilgirl01 21 13
love you always Inu_Kag 5
He continued to stare at me. A breeze blew through the trees tossing both mine and his hair. He pushed himself off of the branch and landed with a very light thud in front of me. He looked at me with complete surprise. I wasn't sure what to say to him. I looked down at my feet and placed my hand on the back of my neck, "H...Hi..." I stuttered. Inuyasha didnt respond. Another breeze blew through. I looked back at him, "I... I uh... fell through the uh... well.... and I..." Suddenly he wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly. His warmth was so amazing, I missed it so much.
"I missed you so much..." He whispered. Tears began to run down my face as those words left his mouth. I wrapped my hands around his torso and held him tightly as well.
"Kagome?!" I pulled away from the embrace just enough to look behind me. Miroku stood there with little Myatsu, "Inuyasha, you're back?" Inuyasha took a step back but still had one arm wrapped around my waist. He nodded. We all stayed silent for
:iconwhispering-ember-16:whispering-ember-16 15 9
Tears: the way to death
Tears:  The Way to Death
Chapter 1:  a calm night in the forest
It was late at night when inuyasha and the others found a spring near the forest. Everyone was a little bit dirty and also tired, so, they rush immediately to the spring. The sky was full of stars, million of shiny and tiny stars, but the most beautiful thing, was the silvery moonlight and the refreshing and calm air. The light of the moon shined above the spring, where inuyasha, kagome, sango and company, were having a relaxing and peaceful bath. That was a very normal night, miroku trying to see the girls naked, inuyasha resting in a tree (he didn't want to go to the spring), the girls shouting * you pervert! * (Every fifteen minutes to miroku), and finally shippo and kirara, having a relaxing bath in the spring. Yeah…… that was a perfect night………
After some hours, inuyasha and the poor and hurt miroku heard a voice. It was a women voice. The woman was singing a beautiful, but sad song. Miroku (obviou
:iconkamyxiefu:kamyxiefu 7 10
Mature content
Truth Chapter 5 :icondark-demon2156:dark-demon2156 10 2
part 3
Part 3 Kagome's Pov
I watched as Kouga handed me the food and left not taking his eyes off of Inuyasha the whole time. I wanted to see Inuyasha eat some of the food, but he did not touch it. I handed him a piece and still he did not touch it. He looked at me then at the door. I then knew he did not have the energy to fight.
"Inuyasha you need to eat something, how about some Ramen?"
"No, What do you think you are doing, if Kouga saw he would beat me until I was dead, you do not want that now do you?"
The look of surprise comes to his face when he said that. I looked down but could not cry. I knew he was hungry but I could not talk him into eating anything. I looked down at the ground; finally tears came. He sat up and hugged me for the first time in weeks. The close contact sent chills down my spine. I cried hard and he tried to comfort me.
Inuyasha's Pov
Kagome started to cry and I really feel like an ass for saying what I did. I did not mean to make her cry, but she just started that
:iconinugurl3:inugurl3 4 0
Help :: An InuYasha One-Shot
InuYasha (c) Rumiko Takahashi
Kiara (c) Yumiko12345
"Let your heart feel for the afflictions and distress of everyone." - George Washington
"It's a curious thing," I spoke to Kagome outside, "Just a little infection from a paper cut can kill you here since they don't have the medicine we do. But, we think nothing of it back home."
"Yeah," she agreed, listening intently. Kagome asked if I could come with her to the feudal era of Japan so that I could help treat an injury that the monk, Miroku, who traveled along with her, had gotten while fighting with Naraku. I didn't even need to use my powers. Advil and some antibiotics seemed to work just fine in healing him.
I'd been to the feudal world before, but it was always very strange being in a different time. There were buses that took people to the rural parts of Japan where they still lived traditional lives. But, this was completely different, so much that a l
:iconpalmettomoonceh:PalmettoMoonCEH 12 70
part 5
Part 5 Kouga's pov
I watched in horror as the sunset and saw Inuyasha change right in front of my eyes. The pained look on Kagome's face upset me more then ever. I knew it would be a long night. Kagome got up and walked outside for a minute. I stayed and watched over Inuyasha to make sure he did not wake up. It was about Midnight ` what ever that is' and I had yet to search the area for danger. I looked around the cave and saw some other things that I did not bring. Kagome's bag lying in the corner and towels that were soaked in blood, thanks to me of course. Time was passing quickly and Inuyasha stirred a little. I wanted to help Kagome understand that I was sorry for hurting Inuyasha and that hopefully she will forgive me.
“Kouga please leave the room so I can change my clothes.”
I did as I was told, because I knew what would happen if I did not listen to her. She grabbed her bag and pulled out some clothes to put on. One had little dogs as the pattern on the pants. I turne
:iconinugurl3:inugurl3 4 0
part 4
Part 4 Kouga's Pov
Punching Inuyasha in the stomach I watched as his blood poured out of his mouth. Kagome watched in horror as Inuyasha fell to the ground. Kagome tried getting up again but I would not let her. She started to cry again. I about passed out from the scent of her tears. I walked up to her and hugged her, but she backed away. Then I knew when I hurt Inuyasha I hurt her more. I told myself ' I should have just fed him and let him go and kept Kagome.'
"Kagome I am sorry that I hurt you."
" Why… did you do…that to him?"
"I needed to be a bully I guess."
" That does not give you the right to do that."
"I know and I am sorry, when Inuyasha gets up I will have some food for him, how does that sound?"
"Ok, and you will not hurt him anymore?"
"No, I will no longer hurt Inuyasha anymore."
Looking up over at Inuyasha who was passed out on the floor with blood all over. Kagome stood up and walked over to him. She grabbed some towels out of her bag and cleaned up the blood.
:iconinugurl3:inugurl3 5 0
part 7
Part 7 Winter Is Hell
Inuyasha's Pov ~~~~ The Next Day.
I awoke feeling a little pain in my arm. Less then what it was the night before. Kouga had food ready for the both of us, but Kagome was not awake. I sat up wanting to go for a walk around outside. Knowing that he may not let me I satisfied myself by sitting by the mouth of the cave. He walked over and handed me some fish that I accepted gladly, since for some reason I was starving. He had gone back to tend the fire, looking as if it was almost out. He then walked back, and ask” How is your arm today?” The question caught me off guard. I shrugged as that it seemed like minutes passed by, the only thing that interrupted the silence was the wind.
Kouga's Pov
I watched as Inuyasha ate slowly, wishing he would answer my question. He looks up at me periodically but nothing more. I think his arm still hurts him even though he may not want to admit it. He seems to be more worried about Kagome more then anything. I was wandering
:iconinugurl3:inugurl3 4 5
Love You Always Inu_Kag 6
I awoke to the sweet aroma of eggs and bacon in the air. My eyes scanned across my pink room as I remembered that I didnt sleep at my apartment the previous night. I sighed a sleepy half yawn and climbed her out of bed. I quickly jumped in the shower and washed off yesturday's gig off of me. After slipping into a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt, I wandered downstairs to see if the wonderful aroma meant breakfast was ready yet, "Hey Momma what for break-" I began greeting my mother when my eyes landed on a silver haired, red cloaked hanyou whom was inhaling what looked like his sixth plate of food.
"Hey Kagome!" He said, he mouth still stuffed with food.
"Honey, why didnt you tell me Inuyasha was going to stop by today?" My mother smiled.
"I- I d-didn't..." I managed to say. I can honestly say, I didnt expect to see him that morning.
My grandfather looked up at me from his food, "Well dont stand over there stuttering and come eat." I shook my head out of my slight daze and did as I wa
:iconwhispering-ember-16:whispering-ember-16 14 28
Love You Always Kag Inu 4
I swung my legs over the side of the well. My hands rested on the hard wood that the well was made out of. Memories of me climbing over this edge many times with a huge yellow bag flooded back to my mind. In front of me would be my very good friends and also traveling companions. I looked around the familiar place. Suddenly I heard rustling to the right of me. I quickly looked over just as the noise stopped. My eyes scanned around the area. A breeze blew through the pasture. It was so warm. I closed my eyes as I inhaled the aroma of true fresh air.
"Mommy she's over here!" I heard a young child call to his mother. I opened my eyes. A woman dressed in a cotton pink kimono with a slightly swollen stomach was being dragged by a small boy.
"Slow down, Mommy can't run that fast." The woman said. I recognized that voice.
"Mommy look, she's wearing weird clothes!" The small boy pointed at me.
She pushed his hand down, "Don't point, it's not polite." She looked up at me, "I'm sorry. He's still
:iconwhispering-ember-16:whispering-ember-16 14 10
Mature content
New Moon's Magic Chapter 2 :iconinuangel00:InuAngel00 7 16
Love You Always Kag Inu 3
I wasn't sure what to say. My jaw hung open as I stared at the beautiful ring. I must've been silent for a long time because Hojo's smiled suddenly faded.
"Kagome are you alright?" I shook my head back to attention.
"Yes..." I said quietly.
"Yes!!!" Happiness filled me as I attacked him with a hug.
He pulled back, "Wait, wait, you need this!" He pulled out the ring and placed on my finger.
The rest of the night was kind of a blur. The shock of suddenly being engaged almost completely erased my memory. The first thing I remember clearly is dropping Hojo off at his car back at Burgundies' parking lot. He placed his hand under my chin and pulled me over to him, placing a very passionate kiss on my lips.
"I love you..." He said quietly.
"I love you too." I smiled as he kissed me one more time then got out of the car. Watched him get into his car and drive away. As he drove out of my site, I looked down at my hand. The ring was beautiful. I was so happy. I began to back out when my e
:iconwhispering-ember-16:whispering-ember-16 16 12
Writing Contest
As Kagome climbed out of the well, she looked around for any sight of her friends. She had been in her present time for the past 2 weeks, studying and preparing for a test coming up. Kagome couldn't stay away from the futile era forever, though, despite the fight her and InuYasha and just gotten into, so she had come back. She wasn't looking forward to having him yell at her more, but she was hopeful he had forgotten. They both almost always did, seeing as how they fought over silly things. Kagome, herself, couldn't quite remember what it was all abut.
As she approached the edge of the clearing, she glanced up, and was surprised that InuYasha was sitting in the tree above her, his eyes closed, waiting for her. After a moment his eyes opened, and he stared down at her. "Keh," he scoffed, "About time." InuYasha leaned forward to the edge of the branch, looking down at her with his usual annoyed expression.
"Come on, Inuyasha," she said, "Let's get going."
"No wait," he said as he leaped
:iconaudreyboo222:audreyboo222 9 8
inuyasha-naruto crossover 1
an: this is supposed to be a oneshot, maybe. i'll actually imagine it as i write. XD
Inu: WTF wench?you're really dumb, are'nt ya?
inu gets creeped out, but nothing happens, so he looks down on me (1,54m tall) loughing maniatically. I get really angry and call kagome.
Kag: OSUWARI!!!!
Me: HA!!! ... oh no... my floor...
Dei: /draws circles in dark corner/ i'm SO not appearing on this one,un
Kyuu: you're right, you won't.
Naru: HA!!! SILLY MADMAN!!!!
Shippo: Tofy does NOT own the characters, nor the basical ideas.
Dei: so fuck off lawyers, or you'll meet my clay.
Shippo was walking peacefully in the woods, when suddenly he felt a strong demonic presence. He decided to investigate and after that inform the rest of the dog-gang. He had after all grown a lot (1cm) and was very brave (according to Kagome, who always spoiled him.not that he knew.).
He heard voices, yell
:icontofy-dei:tofy-dei 12 17



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